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Class teacher - Miss Newton

HLTA - Miss MacDonald

LSA - Miss Chappel

Learning Challenge Questions 2016 17

Autumn 2

This half term our learning challenge questions are 'Why are there so many leaves on the ground' and then 'Why is it cold in winter?'. We will be thinking about autumn for the first three weeks and the changes that are happening around us. We will then move on to this about winter and we will be reading the Snowman. This will also be when we start to rehearse our nativity. This year we are doing 'It's a baby!' We are already starting to learn the songs, which we will be sending home soon for you to practice.


Please continue to encourage your child to be as independent as possible; dressing and undressing themselves, putting their coat on, using a knife a fork etc. It is also important to continue to do lots activities to strengthen the muscles in their fingers to help with their writing. The website below has lots of activity ideas: 

Spring 2

This half term we are learning about mini beasts, our learning challenge question is 'Are all mini beasts the same?' As part of this topic we will be going to the ecology centre in Holland Park to learn more about different types of mini beasts and their habitats. For the second half of this half term we will be moving our topic focus to growing and spring and also the Easter Story. As part of our learning about the Easter story the children will be taking part in a Palm Sunday assembly.


  • Below is the list of the different homework activities for the children to choose from each week for this half term.
  • Using the attached sheet go for a mini beast hunt around your garden or the park.
  • Choose your favourite mini beast and create a fact file about them – sheet attached.
  • Create a picture of a mini beast using paint, collage or make one using junk modelling.
  • Play shops using house hold objects, giving them simple prices and using real money – encourage counting and discussions about how much each type of coin is worth.
  • Go to the shop together and let your child pay for the shopping using real money.
  • Complete the attached sheet about many 1pence there are in each coin.



The children are doing brillantly with their phonics and now know a lot of sounds. Below is the website where you can find a video on how to pronounce the pure sounds: