PTFA Calendar Competition

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A Great Big Thank you to all the students who entered the PTFA School Calendar Art Contest!


Essential E-Safety

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Christ Church School had a Safer Internet Day 2017 session, held on Tuesday 7th February for all Parents.


Please follow the link below containing useful weblinks and information about keeping the whole family safe while on the internet.


Essential e-safety Weblinks for Parents




Awards for Outstanding Contribution to LOtC 2016

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LOtC Mark (Gold) recognises exemplary LOtC provision in schools and indicates that a school is a leader in ensuring that all pupils have access to frequent, continuous and progressive learning outside the classroom.



The shortlists for the Awards for Outstanding Contribution to LOtC 2016 have been selected.

Christ Church C Of E Primary School

has been awarded the LOtC Mark (Gold) in recognition of:

  • A commitment to ensuring all learners have access to good quality educational experiences beyond the classroom walls.
  • Engaging in an ongoing process to ensure frequent, continuous and progressive learning outside the classroom


For more information about this award please follow this link:









Last Day

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Thank you Shallowford Farm for a wonderful time!



Day 4

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Today was going to be a new experience for all of us!  We divided into two groups and the first went up to Will’s farm where we helped bring 200 sheep into the barn (Ben the dog was the real expert here!)  Then we had to separate the ewes from the lambs which was no mean feat!  Each of the ewes had to have udders, feet and teeth checked.  This meant them being herded into the sheep race, and put into a contraption which turned them upside down.  All of us learned how to check the udder for lumps, check the feet, and open their mouth and check for loose teeth.  Did you know that a fully grown sheep has eight teeth and all of them on the bottom jaw?  They have no top teeth or back teeth!  They grow two teeth a year, and even lose their baby teeth like we do.  Will showed us how to judge if a ewe was healthy and if she wasn’t, her ear tag was scanned and her data entered onto the farm’s computer with what treatment was required. 

The second group went into the woods and had a den building session – cutting lengths of hazel and working out the best way of constructing a shelter.  It was fun and challenging.  We followed that with a fire and roasting marshmallows.  So good!

The day ended with a barbecue on the farm after which we had a short service thanking God for our time away and our years at Christ Church.  A fitting way to end our last evening.

Day 3

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Today started as usual with making breakfast and packed lunches, then off to the farm to feed the animals. As we drove, we again saw the ponies, sheep and cattle roaming freely, often in the roads with their young. On the moor, cars give way to them and have to wait before they move out of the way!

Today was a great day because the sun was out and it was the day to go to the beach at Goodrington Sands, Paignton. On the way we stopped off at the picturesque village of Widecombe-in-the-moor to buy some souvenirs.

When we arrived at the beach we enjoyed our packed lunches and listened to instructions on how to keep safe by the sea. Then we splashed in the sea, built sand castles and made sand sculptures.

After playing on the beach, and an ice cream, we moved on to a small cove where we looked in the rock pools, finding limpets, sea anemones and other creatures.  We collected a wide variety of interesting shells and talked about the different types we had found.  Which was the largest? The smallest?  The most unusual? The one we would make into a piece of jewellery?  Debbie gave out stones of rose quartz she found on the beach as prizes.

Back at the farm we fed the animals including the ponies, before we sat down to have a delicious dinner. Will the farmer came in to invite us to watch how bales of hay were made using special farm equipment and a tractor.  They were enormous bales and we had fun working together to roll them over.

Returning to the Hostel, we all had a shower to get the sand out of our toes, played a few quiet games, drank hot chocolate and listened to a story, then reflected on the day before going sleepily off to bed.



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We had a great night's sleep after a long day travelling.

The day started early with getting breakfast and making packed lunches.

Then after breakfast straight to the farm to feed the animals and find out what activities we would be doing during the day.

We walked from the farm to the top of a hill called Corndon Tor which felt like a mountain to some!

A Tor is a large, free-standing rock outcrop that rises from the surrounding smooth slopes of the hill. We stopped for lunch on top of an old burial mound, which was about four thousand years old.

After lunch we made our way down to the forest to do a number of activities. We did stop half way and have a chill out moment, lying on the ground in silence and seeing what we could hear in the countryside so different from London.

Some of the activites we did included: Colour Matching - finding different colours in nature and matching them to a colour chart; making our own scents from crushed plant matter; being blindfolded and finding our way with the help of our partner. The challenge was to use our different senses, other than sight, to explore the surrounding area.

When we got back to the farm we fed the animals before we had dinner. We then went back to the hostel for some well deserved chill out time, hot chocolate, story and bed!



End Of Year School Trip Day 1

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End of year school trip for Year 6 at Shallowford Farm Dartmoor Devon.
Outward Journey

The journey took over 4 hours, stopping off for lunch. After lunch we went to see the farm and learn about the country code. Respecting the animals and everyone working on the farm.
After the farm, we moved on to our accomodation at the YHA Dartmoor.


Falcon Road Heritage Festival

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Falcon Road Heritage Festival Committee are co-ordinating a large street event for Saturday 25 June and are looking for creative activities and performances to join in on a voluntary basis.

If you are interested to take part please, please see further information below and contact

The deadline for submissions is Monday 16th May 2016, 12 noon.

Thank you

The Falcon Road Heritage Festival is offering local talent and young emerging artists the opportunity to perform to an expected crowd of between 3000 to 5000 festival attendees.  This is a chance for you to have your talent put on show on one of the 3 proposed stages that are being erected around the festival site.

Deadline for applications: Monday 16th May 2016, 12 noon.

The Falcon Road Heritage Festival organizers are looking for local performance artists from all disciplines to take part throughout the day as part of a program of events.  Your work should be appropriate for a community festival expected to be attended by children and adults from a diverse background. This is your space to develop and experiment with new ideas, showing it to a diverse audience, giving you the opportunity to gauge your success or impact.  There is no remuneration available for performers but this opportunity can be promoted by you or others in order to ensure you gain publicity, if required.

Be part of an exciting day of performance and festivities.

The event will take place in Shillington Gardens, Este Road and Fownes Street, SW11 on Saturday 25th June, 12pm - 10:30pm. Each event will be scheduled and performances appropriately programmed to reach out to your intended audience throughout the day.

How to Apply:

Please send us a maximum of 500 words that answers the following:

* What is the performance experience (What art form are you working in and what happens in the performance)?
* Who is it for (Tell us a bit about your audience)?
* Where can we see an example of your performance (YouTube, websites)?
* What resources will you require (Power supply, lighting, audio)?
* Tell us a bit about the company/artists involved

Email your submission to by Monday 16th May 2016, 12 noon. 

Please put  “Performing Artist for FRHF“, as the subject line.

If You Are Selected:

We will write to you soon after the deadline to confirm your time slot and stage. We will also invite you to attend a selected performers meeting to be scheduled prior to the festival day.
We can provide tech support but please be aware that your piece should have minimum tech requirements.


Awards Success

The annual awards celebration took place on November 13th at 6.30. The evening was led by four great speakers Jenas Humiah, Keziah Quartey, Maysah Ali and Vishal Seenath. There was dancing, drumming and singing and everyone enjoyed themselves. Well done to all award winners. A special thankyou to Des Morant and Robert Musgrave who presented awards as well as Mrs Kean, Ms Ellery, and Ms Campbell who presented special awards. 

Broadstone Warren

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Camp Day 4

What an exciting day we had today.  Archery and abseiling were fun but the most incredible thing we did today was zip wire because we were able to whizz through the forest at great speed and it felt like we were flying.  Archery was also great and some children managed to score a bullseye. 

The most challenging activity was the Leap of Faith as we had to climb up a wobbly pole and then stand at the top before jumping out to try to hang onto a trapeze.  Amazingly, many children were successful and all of us had a great time. 

The camp fire was wonderful because we sang songs and talked about what was great about camp and how grateful we are that we have had this fantastic experience.  It was emotional as this is our last week at school but we have some lovely memories that we will cherish for ever. 

Thank you to all the Christ Church staff who helped make this school journey a wonderful experience. 

Broadstone Warren

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Camp Day 3

Today we made our own lunch.  It was great fun because it is something that we don't usually do and we felt quite grown up.  We have done a huge amount of washing up and this will come in handy when we get home.

Grass sledging was amazing and we were able to whizz down the slope really quickly.  The space around us is great to play in and we have played football and tennis and we are even able to play Boules which is a French game that we are quickly becoming experts in playing.

Tomorrow we are going to abseil and we will also experience the thrill of going on a zip wire.  Archery is also on the plan for the day and we will also swim again.  It will be a very exciting day.

Broadstone Warren

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Camp Day 2

We went on a very long walk with Miss Ellery, Mr Ballard and Mr Gideon today and were all exhausted when we finally arrived back at camp 2 hours later.  We were glad of a rest and a nice cup of tea.  Swimming was much better today as the weather was a little warmer and we all stayed in the water much longer.  Dinner was cooked by Mr Ballard and Mr Gideon and we all ate everything.  Camping makes us very hungry. 

We were too tired for a walk this evening so Mrs Musgrave read us a story and then after prayers we went to bed.  More fun tomorrow.

Broadstone Warren

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Camp Day 1

The children have had a fantastic day.  From potholing and grass sledging to low ropes and swimming, fun was had by all.  We went on a night walk this evening - it was a little bit scary, but we all survived.  Here are a selection of some of the higlights of the day.  We hope you enjoy them.


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Christ Church CE Primary School

Sports Day


An amazing day with the whole school taking part in many sporting activities




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Year 1 (Rowen) Visit The Garden Museum

The Museum is located on the south bank of the Thames next to Lambeth Palace and opposite Tate Britain.

The children greatly enjoyed the trip to the Garden Museum. They learned about a variety of plants, how the garden changes through the seasons and about old and new gardening tools. The children also got to use old tools to plant their sunflower seeds.


Year 1 Garden Museum from Christ Church School on Vimeo.

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BOOK WEEK 15 June - 19 June Diary Events

Parents are invited to be part of our amazing Book Week. Please check the timetable to see what is happening and when you would like to "pop in" or take part in activities. The main thing is that you and your child have fun throughout this week and really enjoy the books.

Timetable (click to view)

The theme book for the whole school throughout Book Week will be "Where The Wild Things Are" by Maurice Sendak

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Friday 19 June will be character dress up day where your child can come to school dressed up in a character from their favourite book.


Battersea Arts Centre

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Battersea Arts Centre is open to the public

We are delighted to tell local families that Battersea Arts Centre is safe and open to the public, despite suffering a major fire to the back of the building on 13 March. 

The Bee's Knees play space is untouched and open as usual.

The next Family Saturday will be on 25 April - they would love you to join them for a day of fun, food and FREE activities for ages 0-12.

You can also book for lots of shows going ahead as planned on their website​. 

They have lost their Grand Hall and would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has offered their help or donated money towards the rebuild of this much loved space. If you would like to help, find out more here



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Sports for Schools events are a fun, educational and inspiring way to raise funds for schools.

The challenge was to complete a fitness circuit with some of Great Britain's top athletes, who have represented Great Britain at either Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, World Chamionships or European Championships. Schools work with athletes because they are wonderful role models for young people. The event took place on the 4th of Feburary 2015, which involved the whole school.

Danny Lawrence the 2010 Commonwealth Gymnastic Team Captain came to Christ Church School.

Darius Knight, International 2012 Team GB Table Tennis player an ex-pupil of Christ Church, also attended the event. Darius Knight has set up table tennis coaching in the school as part of the Olympic Legacy in Battersea

A large percentage of the sponsorship money will be used by the school for new PE equipment.

A Community of Writers

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Our third book was published this term under the guidance of our author in residence Margaret Bateson-Hill.

It is called 'Garden Magic'. the book is full of great stories based around the garden.

If you would like a copy please ask in the school office.

Dance Around the World 2014

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All classes took part in a spectacular 'Dance Around the World' extravaganza. Every performance was fantastic and everyone enjoyed the event.

Book Week 2014

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Book Week finished this year with a story trail. All our pupils and staff dressed up as their favourite book character and the whole school travelled from class to class hearing stories.


Dance Around The World

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Every class showed off their dance skills by performing their chosen dance. Each class had a dance from a different country so we literally danced around the world.

Wandsworth Foodbank voucher partner

We have become a Wandsworth Foodbank voucher partner. This means we can give out vouchers to families in need as well as collect food and household items to donate to the foodbank.
Class Five have set up their fruit and vegetable market and will be selling produce through to the end of term. They will be selling a mixture of home grown and bought produce.