The Foundation Years

The Foundation Years Unit at Christ Church consists of a Nursery and Reception class. The Nursery caters for both part-time and full-time children. A wide range of indoor and outdoor activities is provided to build on the children’s home experiences. It is an integral part of the school and all work is planned using the “early learning goals” criteria published by the DCSF. Work in the Nursery is planned in conjunction with the Reception class to provide for continuity and progression.

Key Stage Curriculum
The National Curriculum is taught using methods, which are recognised as good primary practice. This includes group and whole class teaching where appropriate, individual, paired, or group work. Children may work in ability groups or be placed in groups for various subjects. Classrooms are organised as workshops with all the tools and materials that children need to do their jobs. The children are required to be responsible for their classrooms and all the equipment. Children are expected to behave in way, which enables each child to work and learn effectively. In common with all other maintained schools we are required to provide for the National Curriculum: